If you encounter a slab leak, you might need a whole house repipe. This type of project will require the right team and Northeast Florida Contractors & Maintenance offers just what you need. We are the professionals you need to handle any type of slab leak or repiping project.

Our team knows how to diagnose the issue and route new piping through walls, attics, and ceilings to bypass your slab foundation. If you’re looking for the right repipe specialists in Jacksonville, call and get a free quote from our team today!

Common Reasons for Repiping Your Home

There are a few reasons why you might repipe your home in Jacksonville. Commonly, this is done due to a slab leak or a pipe leak. However, you might also take on a repiping project as a form of preventive maintenance.

You might also decide to repipe your home due to low water pressure or discolored water. With the right repiping, you can get the peace of mind you desire when it comes to water issues and leaks.

Slab Leak Repair Services in Jacksonville

It’s common to find homes and properties throughout the Jacksonville area with slab-on-grade foundations. This means the concrete slab is level with the soil surrounding it. It also means that the piping for your water, sewer, and gas is likely running underneath the slap and maybe even inside the concrete. If you suffer a leak in one of these pipes, it’s known as a slab leak.

At NE FL Contractors & Maintenance, you get a professional team to help with any slab leak repairs you are dealing with. The type of repair you need may vary, depending on the leak and the solution that fits your need properly. Our team will start by inspecting the issue and performing specific tests to figure out where the leak is coming from.

In some cases, a spot repair can be done if there is a single leak that can be easily accessed. Our team can handle a spot repair for your residential or commercial property if it’s the right option.

Complete Repipe and Re-routing Services in Jacksonville

Most slab leaks will require a repiping or re-routing service to completely repair the issue. This is often the most cost-effective solution to repair the leak properly. When it’s time to repipe or reroute the water, sewer, or gas lines, the old plumbing will be abandoned.

At Northeast Florida Contractors & Maintenance, our team of professionals can provide repiping and re-routing services to fit your needs. Even though repiping and re-routing will leave the old plumbing in place, it’s often far more cost-effective compared to jackhammering the concrete to fix the issue.

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If you think you have a slab leak, hiring our team will help ensure you can get the issue fixed as fast as possible. We provide complete slab leak repair and repiping services throughout the Jacksonville area. Call today and get a free quote to fit your specific project needs.