Hurricanes are a real possibility in the Jacksonville area. If your property isn’t ready for a hurricane, the damage can be devastating. At Northeast Florida Contractors & Maintenance, we offer complete hurricane readiness services to ensure your property is ready for any weather event.

When you’re better prepared for the storm, you can weather it far easier. The right hurricane readiness will protect your business, commercial building, or residential building throughout the weather events. Call our team today and we will be happy to provide a free quote!

Protect Your Property with Our Hurricane Readiness Services

You want to make sure your property is well protected from any type of hurricane. Even just a tropical storm can do a lot of damage. With the right products and services, you will be ready for any storm that hits the Jacksonville area. Some of the things you want to consider include:

  • Have good hurricane shutters installed to protect your windows and doors from debris and wind
  • Get the roof of your building inspected and make sure it can withstand a big storm
  • Make sure your trees have been properly trimmed so branches won’t cause damage to your building
  • Have sandbags ready to go to protect from flooding
  • Make sure items, such as water heaters and gas tanks are properly secured
  • Brace or anchor any large furniture to studs in the wall
  • Have a plan to secure any electronics and office equipment

A full evaluation of your property will reveal the areas that need to be addressed before a hurricane hits. At NE FL Contractors & Maintenance, we can evaluate your building and make the right recommendations for your needs. Our team will also offer all the right services to ensure you’re prepared for the storm.

Have a Plan for a Hurricane

While you certainly want to get the right protection for your property, you also need a plan. Typically, there is some warning before a hurricane hits. Know what needs to be done before you shut down your building. Make sure you know how to prepare your property and “batten down the hatches” before the storm hits.

It’s smart to know how your hurricane shutters work. Fortifying your property will help you protect your business. Be prepared to lay out your sandbags and have a plan you have practiced before a hurricane arrives.

Getting Back to Normal After a Storm

While it’s best to be fully prepared to mitigate possible damage from a storm, even the most prepared property can still suffer damage. After a hurricane rolls through the Jacksonville area, our experienced team will ensure you get the restoration services you need. We can help you get back to normal after severe weather causes damage to your property.

Whether you’ve suffered flooding, wind damage, or any other type of damage, we are here to help you get back up and running fast.

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