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Freedom Cooling Jax is now part of NE FL Contractors & Maintenance. Please get in touch with us for all your HVAC needs at (904)512-2952 License # CAC1821380

Our Services

Heater Repair

Northeast Florida has a short but brutal winter season. Many things can plague your heater, from dust to electrical shorts. We can diagnose and fix your heating equipment today to keep you warm and cozy!

Fan Motor Replacement

Your fan motors may not be the heart of your AC system, but without them working your home will never get to your preferred temperatures. We have access to all OEM fan motors, as well as a large selection of high quality universal options to get your system up and running same day!

AC Repair

From failed capacitors to grounded compressors and everything in between, we can take your stress away with fast, fair priced, quality repairs. Don’t let a poorly made part ruin your summer, we pride ourselves in carrying American Made repair parts on all of our service trucks!

System Installation

Does your hvac system have a parts warranty? We work with all major brands and can process warranties with most manufacturers. Don’t let someone else overcharge you for parts that are still covered by your factory warranty.

Heat Pump Repair

Most heating and cooling systems in northeast Florida are heat pump systems. This simply means they run off of electricity to pump the heat into or out of your home depending on the season. While efficient and affective, these systems have many complex parts and require the utmost expertise to properly service.

Duct Repair And Replacement

Need a vent added to your new addition? Pests destroyed your ductwork and caused air leaks? Either way we can help with the smallest duct repairs, all the way to custom designed zoned systems to maximize your homes comfort.