by Jax Media Team Jax Media Team

When you own a home, you want to make sure you know what to watch out for. Plumbing problems can be rather common and you want to make sure you have the right plumbing services for your home. Some plumbing issues are rather common in single-family and multi-family residential properties.

Whether you are the owner of the home or you’re a property manager, you should know what to look out for. Let’s look at three of the most common plumbing issues to watch out for with residential properties.

1. Backed-up Toilets

It’s common for a toilet to back up in a rental property or any residential property. When this happens, the toilet can overflow with wastewater, which can cause all of the following issues:

  • A health hazard for the people living in the home
  • Mold and bacteria growth
  • Discolored flooring
  • Weaker flooring and building supports

It’s often for backed-up toilets to happen due to drainage issues. Non-flushable paper or garbage being tossed into the toilet can cause this issue, along with baby wipes and other types of wipes, along with feminine products going into the toilet. When an object is not water-soluble, it can cause blockages with lead to backups.

Grease and cooking oil being poured down drains can also cause this issue.

2. Leaky Pipes and Faucets

It might not seem like a big deal when you discover a leaky pipe or faucet. However, it’s a big problem and can become costly if it’s not dealt with properly. A leaking faucet can cost the person living in the home when it comes to their water bill. It can also lead to larger problems.

An early warning sign of a leaky pipe or faucet is the water bill. If it goes up and there isn’t a good reason for it to go up, you might have a leaky pipe or faucet. It’s best to hire a professional plumber, if you think you have a leaky pipe or faucet.

3. Lack of Hot Water

Hot water should be something all properties have on demand. When hot water shortages happen, it can be a big issue. As a landlord, you might have tenants that are not happy if this happens. It’s a rather common plumbing issue with residential properties.

You might end up with a lack of hot water for one of three main reasons:

  • Sediment in the water heater
  • Too small of a water heater for the property
  • A malfunction of the heating element

While these might seem like small issues, they can be rather annoying and inconvenient. Tenants or those living in the property will not be able to get as much hot water when you have this type of issue going on with the property.

The best thing you can do when you discover a plumbing issue is to hire a plumber to take care of it. You want to handle any of these issues or other plumbing issues you discover as fast as possible. Letting plumbing issues go without checking it can lead to a much bigger issue.