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How to Spot an Issue with Your Gas Line

Gas lines can become blocked or broken over time. To make sure it remains functional and is ready to deliver energy efficiently, mercaptan is added to natural gas so if it odorizes when exposed to air it signals when it is time for inspection and repair work to take place.

If you suspect an issue with your gas line, you need the right emergency services fast. Here are some of the signs you have an issue with our gas line.

Unusual Smells

Your gas line requires immediate repair if it emits a strong sulfurous or rotten egg scent. Since natural gas does not naturally have a scent, companies add mercaptan to create an unpleasant odor often described as similar to that found in rotten eggs or sulfur. 

If you notice an unusual smell, it’s a pretty serious sign that you need to take action fast. Immediately shut off any appliances that smell of gas and evacuate the area. Call a plumber as soon as possible for a gas line inspection to pinpoint its source and confirm a possible leak.

Cracked Appearance

Visual inspection of all gas lines regularly can help avoid problems with them, especially during hotter and colder periods when temperatures can cause expansion or contraction, potentially cracking them.

Cracked gas lines are an obvious telltale sign that needs repair. If the line appears discolored or has any noticeable cracks in it, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance immediately.

High Gas Bills

An unexpected, significant spike in utility bills is a telltale sign that your gas line requires repair. While seasonal variations or increased usage could be the source of this spike, if your bills continue to be unusually high it’s important to get a professional assessment of the issue and see where the problem lies.

Dead Plants Near Gas Line

If your houseplants suddenly begin to wither and die despite regular watering, this could be a telltale sign that something has gone amiss with your gas line. Natural gas leaks poison plant roots by blocking oxygen absorption causing them to wilt and die off altogether.

Any outdoor plants or grass that appear to be dying in an isolated spot on your property could be an indicator that there’s an underground leak contaminating its roots with toxic waste, leading to its death from below.

Hissing Sound

A hissing sound indicates there may be an issue with your gas line, so if it sounds, leave immediately and contact a plumber immediately – hissing gas has the potential to escape and necessitate immediate repair work. If this occurs in your home, contact an emergency plumber as quickly as possible for immediate repairs – hissing noises caused by gas escaping from its pipe can be extremely hazardous; call your gas company immediately!

Corrosion and Rust

Residences and businesses alike depend heavily on gas-powered appliances like stoves, water heaters, and furnaces to power daily life and business operations. To remain operational in Katy, these devices need access to natural gas via our local gas lines.

Over time, these lines may corrode or develop leaks due to age or other factors, resulting in hissing sound and making devices connected to it difficult to use. Black iron pipes also emit an unpleasant rotten egg smell if any leakage occurs.

Maintaining regular inspections by professionals is crucial to maintaining efficient water services. That way, any minor problems can be identified early and repaired before becoming something much bigger. Plus, preventative inspections may identify other issues like loose connections that need fixing as well.

These are some of the common things you might notice if there is an issue with your gas line. Make sure you call a professional team that can help get your gas line repaired fast, if you notice any of these issues.